Dental Emergencies

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Dental emergencies are an occurrence that sometimes cannot be helped. A tooth injury,damage, or avulsion, are considered dental emergencies in this category. Your dentist will provide immediate dental services in order to try to save your natural teeth. Sometimes the tooth injury or damage only requires smoothing or a smal flling or crown. Other times, if a tooth is knocked out, your dentist will try to reinsert the tooth if not too much time has gone by, and then splints it inplace. Your tooth may also require root canal therapy, and this can be performed in one to two dental visits, depending on the cause and whether an infection exists in the pulp of the tooth. If your tooth gets knocked out, bring it with you to the dentist in milk, making sure not to touch the root surface of the tooth. Dental caries can also create an emergency situation,depending upon the extent of the decay. A filling may be the only procedure required. Tooth sensitivity can turn into on emergency depending on the cause. Broken orthodontic wires and loose brackets can also require one to seek emergency dental treatment, as well as gum infections and abscesses. Infected wisdom teeth and other teeth are also cause for alarm, and dental help should be sought immediately. Broken partial and full dentures can also be treated at your dentist’s clinic.

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