Dry Mouth: Dietary Recommendations

Published on April 17, 2012 by

Individuals with dry mouth can suck of sugar-free hand candy, ice chips, frozen grapes; chew sugar-free gum; or consume sugar-free ice pops. Xylitol containing products help prevent dental caries. These individuals should also eat soft foods that are easier to swallow, such as custards, soups, ice cream, puddings, etc. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and bean soups are good sources of protein. Foods can also be dunked or soaked in liquids that make them softer and easier to swallow.
Foods can be cut into small pieces and mixed with sauces and gravy to make them moist and easier to swallow. Drink water while eating. Substitute mashed potatoes and rice for dry crackers and bread. Substitute apple sauce, fruit cocktail and other canned fruits for raw fruits and citrus fruits. Herbs have been found to be helpful in place of spices, citrus juices and salt seasonings. Eating papaya should help to break up thick saliva. Have a bottle of water with fresh-squeezed lemon with you at all time for easy access. The use of lip balm can be used to keep the lips moist.

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