Replacing Missing Teeth

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There are many different ways that your dentist can replace your missing teeth, depending upon your individual circumstances, needs, and budget. Missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants and crowns or bridges, traditional bridges, or removable partial dentures and full dentures (if all teeth are missing). When you visit your dentist, they will speak to you about what you want you try to accomplish, and if you are agreeable, they will perform a complete intraoral examination, full mouth dental X-rays, fabricate stone study models, and a complete periodontal examination using a periodontal probe. After the dentist gathers all of the information that they need, they will speak with you about replacing your tooth or teeth. They will present a treatment plan for your dental needs and wants. Some types of teeth replacements are more complicated than others and take more time. Some are also more expensive than others. Your  dentist should make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered before proceeding with your tooth/teeth replacements.

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