The mouth can detect nutrient deficincies

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The mouth may be described as a “mirror of systemic health or disease.” Nutritional deficiencies that can be recognized in and around the oral cavity, and common dental diseases: dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. One can recognize the manifestations of these deficiencies and diseases, consider their causes, and seek early treatment to prevent further compromise of nutrition status; in turn promoting optimal nutrition, oral and overall health.
Oral health problems disproportionately affect the aging; who are particularly vulnerable to oral infections. A synergistic relationship exists between nutrition and oral health/disease. Nutrients are crucial to the growth, development, and maintenance of tissues, efficiency of the immune system, prevention of cell damage and increased resistance to many infectious diseases. Nutrition and oral health associations are complex, with nutrition having both local and systemic influences on the oral cavity. Systemic diseases with oral manifestations may also lead to nutrient deficiencies due to impaired chewing and swallowing, and pain. Oral diseases may further negatively affect nutritional status if the person cannot eat properly.

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