Tooth Decay

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Teeth are very strong and under the right environment are resistant to destruction. However, your teeth are continuously fighting off oral bacteria. Tooth decay is not life-threatening, however can decrease your quality of life. We can teach you how to prevent tooth decay. We are also experts at diagnosing and treating tooth decay. Tooth decay develops when a certain environment exists in your mouth and caries-producing bacteria (Streptococcus mutans (Sm)) and plaque builds up on your teeth. This along with a diet containing fermentable carbohydrates leads to the formation of tooth decay. Sm can be transmitted from one person to another, and is usually transmitted from mother to child. We will instruct you on proper care of your teeth and gums. Under normal conditions of health, Sm consumes sugar and then produces bacterial acids (predominantly lactic acid) that initiate enamel demineralization in minute amounts. The body’s normal defences remineralise the tooth enamel using salivary minerals between eating.  Depending on the stage of the tooth decay, we will treat your teeth accordingly. It is important for you to have regular dental check-ups and brush and floss your teeth thoroughly in order to prevent tooth decay.

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