Tooth Tattoos

Published on May 12, 2012 by

Visit your dentist and find out what’s new in dentistry. People often need something different in their lives, whether it is colorful hair and/or makeup, body tattoo(s), colored contact lenses, or the newly offered tooth tattoo. A tooth tattoo is made from original hand drawn art using dental staining colors baked at 1,450-1,775 degrees Fahrenheit. These tattoos are easily placed on the teeth and last from 2-10 years. If need be, they can be removed in two minutes.Patients can now have their own custom tattoo, porcelain veneer, or crown placed on their tooth. So, visit your dentist if you want to obtain more information or to have a tooth tattoo placed. Our clinic does not offer this tooth tattooing service. Also, gold can be placed on a crown (caps) or denture teeth..

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