Valplast Partial Dentures

Published on June 13, 2012 by

Your dentist will offer to fabricate a Valplast denture for you, if you are not a candidate for a regular partial denture, or if for cosmetic reasons you do not want metal clasps to show when you smile. A pressure-injected, Valplast denture, has a flexible base that can provide a very comfortable denture, and has been used as partial dentures, unilateral removable dentures (i.e., Nesbit dentures), and flippers, to replace missing teeth. Valplast dentures are almost visible and made of light weight material. Valplast dentures have been available for over 50 years and will save the patient valuable time at the dentist as they require very minimal teeth preparation. Your dentist also saves chair time, and does not need to try-in a metal partial denture framework. Valplast dentures are very natural looking, and are made only by dental laboratories that are certified in Valplast denture fabrication. So, visit your dentist to see if Valplast dentures are right for you!

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