White Spots on Teeth

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Small lesions, called white lesions, may appear on the tooth. When white lesions were microbiologically sampled, a proportional and absolute increase in Strep. mutans levels was observed on both the white lesion and in the saliva of the individuals sampled. When these lesions advance to the cavity stage, Sm is seen infiltrating into the enamel crystals. Eventually, enough minerals are lost so that a cavitation occurs in the enamel, and if this enlarges so that it extends into the dentin, a partially enclosed system is then formed in which the pH value drops below 5.0. Under these acidic conditions, growth of a different microorganism called lactobacilli is favored, and these organisms succeed as the predominant flora in the carious lesion. Lactobacilli are the most acid tolerant of the plaque bacteria, but these organisms only predominate when the carious lesion has extended into the dentin layer of the tooth . This process provides the bacteria access to the inorganic elements (e.g., calcium and phosphate) needed for their nutritional requirements. This same search for nutrients may explain the extension of bacteria from the exposed crown of the tooth into the gingival sulcus (the area between the tooth and the gingival tissue)
Alot of these spots can be corrected. Ask your dentist what services are available to correct these white spots.

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