Xerostomia: More Nutrition Recommendations

Published on May 11, 2012 by

Use sugar-free candy, gum and ice pops, and ice chips and frozen grapes. Persons with xerostomia should be encouraged to use tart or citrus flavored sugar-free gums and candies (xylitol-containing) in place of the sugared varieties to increase salivary flow. Xylitol-containing products help prevent dental caries and promote salivary flow. Soft foods are easier to swallow, such as custards, soups, ice cream, puddings, etc. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and bean soups are good protein sources. Soften food in liquids and cut food into small pieces adding gravy or sauces to make them easier to swallow. Drink water while eating. Papaya helps break up thick saliva.

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